Adam Schlifke MD MBA

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Adam Schlifke MD, MBA

Kaiser Permanente

  • Panelist in Panel Discussion - Lifestyle Oriented vs. Medical Engagement: How will Consumers React?

Adam Schlifke, MD, MBA, is a board-certified anesthesiologist, entrepreneur, and health and technology innovator. Adam is currently a practicing anesthesiologist at Kaiser Permanente where he also help lead regional implementation of the Epic Electronic Medical Record (HealthConnect) for the operating rooms. Adam was also the recipient of a Division of Research grant to identify process measures using data from the electronic medical record to predict poor surgical outcomes.

In addition to the work he does at Kaiser as a clinician and informatics innovator, Adam is an independent consultant for several venture-backed healthcare information technology companies looking toward disruptive change in healthcare. Adam is a mentor for the recently launched healthcare accelerator, Blueprint Health and also a mentor and member of HealthTech Capital, a healthcare technology-focused Angel group based in Los Altos, California.

Adam is also working on his own healthcare startup, Panaceon, which uses inexpensive sensor technology to more effectively manage clinical problems. Adam is excited and driven to fundamentally improve the healthcare system through the use of properly deployed technology, well integrated into the clinical workflow at the point of care.