Andrew J. Rosenthal

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Andrew J. Rosenthal

Business Development

  • Panelist in Panel Discussion - Lifestyle Oriented vs. Medical Engagement: How will Consumers React?

Andrew joined Jawbone in 2013 through the acquisition of Massive Health, where he served as Chief Strategy Officer. His focus is business development around the company’s health products: a combination of highly-designed hardware, consumer software, and big data. Massive Health produced The Eatery, a top-ranked health engagement platform which saw rapid adoption and produced the world’s largest dataset on how people relate to food.

Previously, he co-founded, and online consumer wellness platform. He has both industry and academic experience in behavior change interventions, with a long-term focus on using design and technology to help people live better. Andrew studied health policy and healthcare systems at the University of Pennsylvania (BA) and focused on healthcare and entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School (MBA).

He is an Adviser to the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center, on the advisory board of the South By Southwest (SXSW) Health Accelerator, and a founding member of MIT Hacking Medicine. He is on twitter @rosenthal.